Training in person-centered psychotherapy


Person-centered consultant


Doctorate on communication and conflict and training in non-violent communication
Alternative practitioner

Dr. phil. Ralph Piotrowski

Freedom, responsibility and connectedness are themes that have been with me for a long time: acting independently and trusting your own experience without looking to the supposed authority of others. My training in person-centered counseling, conversational psychotherapy and non-violent communication have helped me along the way.

Since studying Politics & International Relations, I have been interested in how people organize their lives together, how they relate to each other and how conflicts can be resolved in a healthy way. Conflict escalation mechanisms are very similar; it hardly matters whether it involves a couple or two states. And because I wanted to work as concretely as possible, I focused my professional field more and more on working with groups, couples and individuals.

Empathy and appreciation – the foundations of conversational psychotherapy – were an important part of a multi-year European research project on sustainable behavior, which I led for Ecologic Institute from 2010-2013. As a Senior Fellow there, I dealt with behavioral psychology and the design of change processes. I have been committed to protecting the environment since my youth.

I bring extensive professional experience to the therapy(couples therapy). I have been working in consulting for over 20 years and support employees and managers who want to harmonize productivity and humanity. Since 2009, I have been part of the SOCIUS organizational consulting team, where, in addition to my therapeutic practice, I conduct individual coaching sessions and support teams in conflicts and change processes.

I regularly attend further training courses with couples therapists such as David Schnarch, Charles O’Leary and Anna Auckenthaler.

When I find time, I like to meditate. I am married and have two children.