Rates & Details

Individual therapy

150 € – 50 min.

Couple therapy

225 € – 80 min.

Business Consulting

180 € – 50 min.
plus 19 % VAT.

Therapeutic individual sessions are exempt from VAT. Couple therapy is VAT exempt if recognised as a psychotherapeutic or preventive treatment. The session can also take place online or by telephone. My preferred practise days are Monday and Friday.

The advantages of a self-financed therapy consists in the fact that you remain “anonymous” to the public. You have to fear no disadvantages regarding your disability insurance or regarding the status of civil service. And you can determine the duration and the extent of the therapy yourself. If you have a low income, please discuss what you can pay openly with me. You can deduct therapy costs as extraordinary expenses from your taxes. The costs for business consulting are deductible as a professional continuing education.